Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Endorses Steve

Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors endorses Steven Goldberg to replace Mort Klein as President of ZOA – Zionist Organization of America. Here is why.

Jews who have any knowledge of the cultural and political landscape preceding the Holocaust will recognize those signs today.

For years as a small grassroots organization leader, I have watched the situation for Israel and the Jewish people deteriorate to a point that is frighteningly reminiscent of 1938. I have been horrified to learn of the insane salaries paid to many of the leadership of American Jewish organizations. A donor must consider how much money has to be donated that goes to salaries before it even goes to programs. Then consider the value of those programs in light of the dire situation for Israel and the Jewish people today. “Things are worse than ever – send us more money” has become the fundraising appeal of today.

It is time for a change. ZOA has been around for almost 120 years and it is now time for ZOA to become the Zionist Organization of America. It is time to move it beyond one man. It is time for new leadership. It is time for Steve Goldberg. Watch the videos on Save the ZOA website. Read about Steve’s background, dedication and connections. Most of all, it must be acknowledged that the situation for Israel and the Jewish people is critical and strong leadership is crucial.

Steven Goldberg as president of ZOA would be a much needed paradigm shift in American pro-Israel organizations.

Mort Klein refuses to debate Steve and is limiting the voting to only those who are physically in Philadelphia at the time of the vote. Mort Klein must be urged to address both these issues.

I admire Steve for daring to challenge the status quo knowing that he would be vilified by those who support and/or benefit from the status quo. Until now not one person has challenged the leadership of any of the major American Jewish organizations and Israel and the Jewish people are suffering for it at all levels. It takes courage and this is what Israel and the Jewish people need now. Before it’s too late – again.

-Doris Wise Montrose, President and Founder, Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors