Clarification to 7 Point Plan & Apology From Steve Goldberg

It has come to my attention that portions of my 7 Point Plan might be interpreted to be criticism of ZOA employees.   That was not my intention, and I would like to clarify and apologize if I created that impression.

The employees of the ZOA are talented, dedicated and hard-working. They are valuable to the ZOA and in the defense of Israel. I believe these employees do not receive enough recognition, or,  in certain cases, sufficient compensation.  Because of the unpleasant and unfair treatment the employees receive at the hands of Mort Klein, there has been far too much turnover.  I detail this problem and what I propose to do about it in my video about mistreatment of ZOA employees.

By way of prominent example, Jeff Daube, director of ZOA’s Israel office, has done outstanding work in Israel.  He works tirelessly, logging countless hours.  Jeff  has established  excellent relations with pro-Israel Knesset members and leaders of important Zionist organizations.  He has done more than can be expected of any one person to achieve the goals that I want to accomplish in Israel.  Unfortunately, Jeff is just one person.  He does not even have an office, but works out of his home.  He needs to have much greater support, both in terms of other ZOA employees and affiliates to work with him, and in terms of financial resources that would be allocated to the projects he has initiated.  If I have the privilege of becoming the ZOA President, I  pledge to establish an actual office in Israel so that Jeff does not have to work out of his home, to recruit and hire additional personnel for the Israel office under Jeff’s direction, and to provide a budget so that Jeff has the resources to create an extensive public relations campaign to promote the ZOA’s agenda.  That is how the ZOA can become exponentially more effective in Israel.  The money is available for this plan if the enormous salary otherwise paid to Mort Klein is freed up.

I would follow the same model to expand the ZOA’s college campus program.  The ZOA’s college campus representatives are excellent, but the program is far too small to have any real impact on the college scene.  It needs to be expanded, and the money is there if not squandered on Mort Klein’s salary.

The reason the ZOA is a miniscule, tiny and ineffective organization has nothing to do with the quality of its employees.  They are first-rate. The responsibility lies at the feet of Mort Klein.  My 7 Point Plan sets forth some of the important plans I will implement if given the opportunity.