Mort Klein Deceives Danny Danon Into Giving Endorsement Letter

Sources close to Israeli Deputy Defense Minister and Knesset Member Danny Danon confirm that Mort Klein obtained Danon’s letter of endorsement dated January 16, 2014 by deceit.  Specifically, Klein concealed from Danon that his opponent in the election is Steve Goldberg, Danon’s personal friend.  Had Danon known that Steve is running against Mort, he never would have taken sides and endorsed Mort.  He would have remained neutral.

It is noteworthy that Danon, who is also the Chairman of World Likud, appointed Steve as the U.S. representative on the Executive Board of the World Likud and to the Extended Executive of the World Zionist Organization (“WZO”).

Steve Goldberg made the following statement: ” I am shocked and appalled to learn that Mort Klein misled Danny Danon and abused his trust.  I’m personally close to  Danny, and I never would have asked him to involve himself in the ZOA election.  As Deputy Defense Minister, Danny has more important things to do, and it is unfair to put him in the position of getting involved in ZOA politics.  Tricking the Deputy Defense Minister of Israel is no trifling thing.  By itself, this shameful incident should disqualify Mort Klein from continuing to serve as ZOA President.  He should withdraw from the race and immediately resign his position.”