Mort Sued for Wrongful Termination – Complaint & Exhibits

Mort Klein has been sued several times for wrongful termination. He is an abusive boss who has created a hostile working environment for employees. His abuses of power have been outlined in this video.

Mort is currently being sued by a former employee whom he fired because she was unwilling to lie to donors about ZOA’s loss of its 501c3 status. It is illegal to fire an employee for  for reporting on illegal behavior.

You can read the complaint and corresponding exhibits here.


Exhibit_A – Instruction to ZOA Employees to cover-up loss of 501c3 tax status

Exhibit_B – “Seton Memo” explaining why not disclosing the loss of the 501c3 status is illegal

Exhibit_C –  Memo outlining former ZOA employee’s discomfort with the cover-up