Ensure a Fair Election!

Many of you have asked how you can vote for ZOA President.

Unfortunately, National Chairman Michael Goldblatt and National Executive Director David Drimer have misinterpreted the Constitution and sent out a decree that voters must be physically present at the ZOA National Convention in Philadelphia from Sunday, March 9 – Monday, March 10, an inconvenient time and location for people who do not live in the immediate area.

For the ZOA not to allow voting by means of tele-conferencing skews the election in clear favor of current President Mort Klein since his loyal friends live in Philadelphia, his hometown. Those who made the decision have argued that Philadelphia is less expensive than Manhattan, but if affordability and fairness were the issue, they would have chosen a locale equidistant from the East and West Coast.

The ZOA leadership has argued that the Constitution requires voters to be present. This is false, since the ZOA board meets most often by conference call. ZOA members should be able to “register” and be “present” on-line or by proxy. The board members are “present” and vote by phone. The same rule should apply to voting at the Convention.

The ZOA leadership has also cited that having voters present ensures fairness and prevents impropriety, yet it is unfair and improper for an organization that wants to be considered a national one to limit participation in its Convention only to those who are able to fly to Philadelphia on a Sunday and Monday. For many members, this means missing work.

Assuming this decision does not change, Mort Klein will NOT have legitimacy as the president of the ZOA, which will have become even more of a tin-pot dictatorship than it already is with employees continuing to be subjected to his bullying tactics and capriciousness.

Mort Klein should agree to debate his opponent publicly before the Convention. It is painfully apparent he is worried that he will demonstrate that he is unfit to lead a national organization of such importance, and that he is incapable of answering difficult questions, particularly about receiving large increases in salary without ZOA board approval at a time when the ZOA’s annual revenues were collapsing.

Further, whoever decided to stack the deck in Mort Klein’s favor by preventing ZOA members from voting from out town should allow an open, inclusive election that will reveal the preference of the majority of ZOA members.


Please contact David Drimer and Michael Goldblatt demanding a level playing field of inclusiveness and that you be allowed to vote either by proxy or remotely. Please cc either Steve Goldberg or Paul Schnee to ensure your e-mail has been counted and received.