Daniel Tauber of Likud Anglos Endorses Steve Goldberg

He has written to his distribution list as follows:

Like you, I have been active for Israel for many years. Since moving to Israel, I continued my activism, leading “Likud Anglos,” a grassroots organization for English-speakers in the Likud and as a member of Likud’s Central Committee. I also write a column for the Jerusalem Post, “For Zion’s Sake.”

I did not know until recently that Steve Goldberg was running for the leadership of the ZOA, but I was very excited when I heard.

I met Steve a few years ago while he was here with a delegation taking part in various meetings with Knesset members. Whenever Steve visits Israel, and when he is not rubbing shoulders with politicians in Israel’s Zionist parties, he and I have met to discuss politics, potential projects and the direction of the country.

I’ve found that Steve not only has the right ideals, but has an activist spirit. He’s not satisfied with what is, but wants more.

I began to attend ZOA functions in college. I also helped found its “The College Zionist” magazine. I was grateful for the ZOA’s activities and for the activists I met and worked with. But I wanted more for the ZOA and from it as well.

The ZOA’s message is time and again proven correct by events and reflects the values of the American people. It has an untapped potential for leadership in the American Jewish community and for bringing the message of Zionism to the American public.

In the upcoming elections for the presidency of the ZOA, I hope you’ll lend your support to Steve to give him the opportunity to infuse the organization with new energy and make it a stronger and more prominent part of American and Jewish public life.


Daniel Tauber