Mort Klein Badgers Supporters of Steve Goldberg

Mara Kochba, a noted LA activist, received bizarre phone messages from Mort after she sent a group e-mail endorsing Steve Goldberg as a man with “the leadership qualities which Klein sorely lacks: integrity, intellectual honesty, comprehension of the fiscal nuances necessary to build-up, nurture and support a thriving Jewish organization. He is also extremely articulate, has a great sense of humor, and is a very nice human being.” Her subsequent e-mail to Mort is as follows:

Shavua Tov, Mort!

I usually do receive any personal phone calls which disturb my shabbat, but after havdala, I noticed the light blinking on me answering machine.

Imagine my shock when I found two (2) messages from you (and, later, yet another when I turned on my cell phone)!

The vituperative screed of your voice mail message – which I played later for friends – was beyond the pale.

Your irrational accusations, convoluted charges and totally incomprehensible harangue was utterly pitiable.

And all this because I support Steve Goldberg’s candidacy in the forth-coming election (which you have illegally stacked the deck) for the leadership of ZOA.

You are, alas, a pale imitation of what you once were as a leader of a major Jewish organization — which is why ZOA is no longer “major” in anyone’s lexicon.

What you have done — YOU, AND YOU ALONE — is the reason you are no longer fit to head ZOA.

It’s over, Mort.

I realize you cannot comprehend the inevitable: the torch must pass to a new generation that can cope with the challenges which face the Jewish people.

Please do not ever again contact me in any way or I will seek an injunction for harassment.