Mort Klein Resorts to Bribery!

There is dramatic evidence that Mort Klein has attempted to bribe a major Israeli journalist! Take a look at this talkback in which Martin Sherman replies to an allegation that Steve Goldberg offered Sherman financial incentives to support him. In fact, it was Mort Klein who offered Sherman a bribe to back down on his columns calling for ZOA leadership change.


Alan Howard · Dentist/Owner at Self-Employed

Martin has been promised help from Steve Goldberg in fund raising, therefore he has jumped on the bandwagon. If Steve Goldberg wins zoa will lose.

Martin Sherman · Following · Top Commenter · Marist Brothers College ObservatoryHOGGING THE LIMELIGHT–AND THE “LOLLY”


You write “Martin has been promised help from Steve Goldberg in fund raising, therefore he has jumped on the bandwagon. If Steve Goldberg wins zoa will lose”,

Thank you so much for raising this topic—which I was NOT about to broach—and for giving me the opportunity to bring some important additional facts to the attention of the readers—and underscore some that I already have.

With regard to your accusation that I am supporting Steve Goldberg because he has promised me help with fund-raising, actually quite THE OPPOSITE is true

On Sunday 2/3 I, received THREE calls from Mort Klein – at 15.43, 16.42 (unanswered) 18.47 – the only time he has initiated contact with me during our 20+ years acquaintance. In the calls he demanded I retract what I had written and led me to understand that if I did so I could expect help with donors (or, at least, one specific donor)

To the best of my recollection, you have never been privy (at least legally) to any exchanges I have had with Goldberg, who hardly received effusive praise from me (indeed, I state more than once that he has yet to prove he can rise to the challenge), so it is difficult to grasp how you could arrive at the grave accusation you level at me.

However, even if you could substantiate your wildly unfounded claim, how would this in anyway impact on the validity of what I wrote regarding the ZOA under Klein:
– the minute size of membership;
– the minuscule impact on the political process regarding Israel;
– the mediocre size of funds raised; and
– the massive size of his compensation package.

So while Goldberg still has to prove that he can meet the daunting challenges facing the ZOA, it should be clear that Klein cannot.

Moreover, with regard to support, it is more than plausible to assume that because the ZOA has refrained from empowering like-minded individuals/organizations in Israel, that it has been spectacularly unsuccessful in preventing the implementation of the perilous policies of its ideological opponents. Thus, preferring to expend its resources on exorbitant presidential compensation and unproductive real-estate, the ZOA has opted for leaving them hopelessly “out-gunned” by their massively-funded rivals on the Left.

After all, we should not forget that Klein assumed the presidency of the ZOA in the same year that the Oslo Agreements were signed,–and although he did oppose them consistently–he had precious little effect in impeding them.

Perhaps, among things, this was due to him hogging the limelight and the “lolly”??