Mort Klein’s nephew calls on his uncle to withdraw

Mort Klein’s nephew, Joel Damens, has written the following letterto Steve Goldberg:

Hello, Mr. Goldberg,
As you know I have expressed an interest in joining the ZOA. I have always felt this interest to join an organization that so adamantly fights for the survival of Israel. I must advise that I did not feel comfortable joining the ZOA because of how I was mistreated by the President of the organization, Morton Klein. The video that you posted about the mistreatment of an employee, where Morton Klein did not want an employee of the ZOA to attend the National ZOA dinner convention (because his fiance was African American) resonates deep within me. Such bigotry and treating people as though they are beneath you/subhuman, should not be tolerated in any organization and by any Jew (especially after all the Jews have been through). I agree wholeheartedly in that my uncle fights vigorously for the Jewish people and for the survival of Israel. But, that in and of itself does not make you a good person; in regards to ethics, moral compassion for your fellow man, and unselfish management of a non-profit organization. I believe you have what it takes to lead the ZOA into the future, as outlined in your 7 point plan. I especially like your approach of outreach to younger Jews and hiring more employees to campaign for the cause in lieu of paying the President half a million dollars plus, salary per year. I am publicly calling for change and for Morton Klein to withdraw from this campaign.
“For all of your accomplishments yesterday and today, will not be remembered if you leave a trail of destruction in your path through the mistreatment of your fellow man. Ethics and moral compassion above all else will always prevail!”