Release: Steve Goldberg Wins e-Poll by Landslide 78% – 22%

A recent online poll of the Zionist Organization of America’s national membership resulted in a demonstration of overwhelming support for challenger Steven Goldberg. Conducted over a three-day period, and open to the participation of ZOA members with an email address on record, ZOA’s national constituency favored Goldberg by a margin of 78% to 22%. Given the opportunity to comment, most voters cited the need for change amid recent revelations of mismanagement and Mort Klein’s excessive compensation.

Concerns regarding the disenfranchisement of the national membership and the fundamental fairness of the upcoming elections have been raised after Klein unilaterally decided to relocate ZOA’s national convention from New York to Philadelphia, where he resides. Klein is also dictating that ZOA delegates must travel to Philadelphia to vote in person, and has unilaterally ruled out absentee balloting, voting by proxy, or voting by e-mail submission. ┬áThe result is that the election will exclude the vast majority of ZOA members, while ensuring a majority turn-out of Klein’s personal friends.

“I am running in this race, despite every attempt by Mort Klein to engineer the election in his favor, because I care deeply about Israel and the Zionist Organization of America. I believe the ZOA could be so much more than it presently is if it were run properly. What I am offering is a real plan to professionally reorganize the ZOA from top to bottom. Under my plan ZOA’s terrific staff and motivated national membership would find their efforts to help Israel carried out far more effectively. I have no doubt that under new leadership the many disenchanted donors and members who have departed in recent years will enthusiastically return to supporting the ZOA,” said Goldberg.

“Ultimately, this election will boil down to the conscience and integrity of the few delegates who will be able to personally attend the convention in Mort’s home town. Mort’s record of mismanagement, scandal and extraordinary salary are a proven matter of fact. ZOA cannot survive given more of the same. I can only hope that the delegates stop for a moment to sincerely consider what’s at stake for Israel’s sake,” concluded Goldberg.