Portrait of a sick man and how he has damaged the ZOA

Tablet Magazine has released a feature which details the grave abuses of the ZOA by Mort Klein. It also addresses a disturbing legal document in which his wife alleges physical and emotional abuse.

Another set of accusations against Klein are almost 32 years old, and are contained in a petition submitted under Pennsylvania’s Protection from Abuse Act. In the petition, which was stamped “filed” by the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, prothonotary on April 23, 1987, Klein’s wife Rebecca, to whom he is still married, alleges that “for approximately one year prior to this petition your Petitioner and her daughter have been physically and emotionally abused and said abuse continues to present.” The petition cites an alleged incident from the week leading up to April 23 that is claimed to have resulted in multiple visits to a specific Philadelphia-area emergency room. It names a doctor who treated Klein, and whose existence and employment at the hospital Tablet has confirmed.

When reached for comment, both Kleins said that the narrative in the petition was entirely fabricated by Rebecca Klein’s lawyer, who is now dead. In separate interviews, both said they were in a rough patch in their relationship due to religious differences. “I have never touched my wife in anger,” Mort Klein told Tablet.

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