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Portrait of a sick man and how he has damaged the ZOA

Tablet Magazine has released a feature which details the grave abuses of the ZOA by Mort Klein. It also addresses a disturbing legal document in which his wife alleges physical and emotional abuse.

Another set of accusations against Klein are almost 32 years old, and are contained in a petition submitted under Pennsylvania’s Protection from Abuse Act. In the petition, which was stamped “filed” by the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, prothonotary on April 23, 1987, Klein’s wife Rebecca, to whom he is still married, alleges that “for approximately one year prior to this petition your Petitioner and her daughter have been physically and emotionally abused and said abuse continues to present.” The petition cites an alleged incident from the week leading up to April 23 that is claimed to have resulted in multiple visits to a specific Philadelphia-area emergency room. It names a doctor who treated Klein, and whose existence and employment at the hospital Tablet has confirmed.

When reached for comment, both Kleins said that the narrative in the petition was entirely fabricated by Rebecca Klein’s lawyer, who is now dead. In separate interviews, both said they were in a rough patch in their relationship due to religious differences. “I have never touched my wife in anger,” Mort Klein told Tablet.

Read the rest in Tablet.

BREAKING: Mort is being sued…again

The ZOA’s former National Executive Director has filed a lawsuit detailing Mort Klein’s continual financial corruption. Save the ZOA has long been detailing some of these allegations, which should come as no surprise to ZOA members and followers who have followed Mort Klein’s corrupt career, in which he treats the ZOA as his personal ATM machine. For the sake of Israel and Zionism’s good name, he must be stopped!

Read the article about the lawsuit in the Forward, here.

Read the filed complaint, here. 

Mort Klein defends Qatar trip after report of payments

The evidence is mounting that Mort Klein further blackened the ZOA’s name by selling his services to Qatar.  Failure to register as a foreign agent is a federal crime.  Does anyone really believe that Mort Klein did not know the payments came from Qatar?

Mort Klein told us by phone this morning… “We are now looking into it thoroughly. In the next 24 to 48 hours, if we determine that this money clearly came from Qatar, we will return the money immediately. Any money that the ZOA has received for the past 25 years has come from private individuals, never from any country. To this minute, my complete understanding was that it came from a private individual. If I thought that any money came from Qatar, I would never have accepted it.”

“I assumed this was a wealthy businessman (Joseph Allaham) who was giving ZOA a check. I’ve had many wealthy business people who have given me 100k and plus. That happens all the time. And I knew that Allaham brought Malcolm Hoenlein, Alan Dershowitz and Mike Huckabee to Qatar. In my eyes this made him look like a legitimate individual. To me, them going, koshered the trip. I never did a thing for Qatar. Whatever money I got — whether it is from Qatar or not — I never did anything for them. I never wrote an article praising them, I never lobbied for them.”

“My whole trip was wall-to-wall meetings with officials from Qatar. Al Jazeera was going to release a four part series called The Israel Lobby, which would have increased anti-Semitism in America and hatred towards Israel. That was a horrible documentary, and I urged them to kill this. And because of my work it never aired. This was a big achievement of my going to Qatar. It’s not like I went there and went to the beach… Qatar asked me a month ago to come back. They wanted to set up meetings with top officials at Al Jazeera, but I rejected this because too many people thought that I shouldn’t have gone to Qatar in the first place.”

Read the full article in Jewish Insider


Klein Embarrasses ZOA with Qatar Involvement

The koshering of Qatar by supposedly pro-Israel Jews is getting attention. PM Netanyahu has rebuked Jewish leaders, including Klein, who have been seduced into a meeting with Qatar.

Read Yigal Carmon’s criticism here. Save the ZOA is also posting below an excerpt from a column in Ha’aretz by Steve Rabinovitz, a friend of Mort, asking: “What Really Turned ZOA’s Mort Klein From a Preacher Against Qatar to Its Propagandist?”

So, how is it that just two months later a former Qatari diplomat and current head of Qatar Investments would attend ZOA’s big fundraising dinner (“Anyone who pays $700 comes to the dinner,” Mort said) and two months after that, Mort would visit Doha on an all-expense-paid trip? 

Surely, Mort can’t be bought with free airfare and lodging, along with some pyjamas, “the softest I ever felt.”

Mort, of course, insists that he accepted the trip to gather information and to speak truth to power. “When an Arab leader asks the head of a Jewish organization to come make a case for what we would like to see happen, it’s really my mission, and it’s ZOA’s mission, to fight for the Jewish people,” he said, noting he distributed to those he met copies of a 50-page report demanding changes from Qatar.

That’s all well and good, but what Mort really did was set himself up as a poster child for the Qataris. And since his trip, all the Qataris and their paid agents in the West have done is hold Mort up as an example of someone who’s for them who used to be against them.

But they haven’t stopped funding Hamas. They haven’t stopped funding the Muslim Brotherhood or the Al Nusra Front. They haven’t deported all those Hamas terrorists living comfortably in exile in Qatar.

That other Jewish leaders were similarly seduced into giving Qatar legitimacy does not spare Klein from similarly criticism. Perhaps next he will go meet with Ayatollah Khameini on a trip paid for by Iran and help improve that country’s image. Save the ZOA strongly suspects that both Mort received special compensation in addition to the free trip, but it will be impossible to prove. In any event, it is sickening.



Klein Makes Strange Comments About Blacks

#KleinResign! Several news outlets have reported on strange comments Mort Klein has made about Blacks and Asians, offering more evidence that it is long past time for Mort Klein to retire.

From The Forward:

Mort Klein, president of a major Jewish pro-Israel group, berated a Forward reporter who called to ask about a joke Klein had made about black people being good dancers in a national magazine story.

“What are you, stupid? What are you, stupid?” Klein said. “Each different peoples have different talents that everyone knows. And everyone knows that blacks are, on average, are better dancers than other people.”

Klein told the Forward that it is “simply a fact” that “blacks are much better dancers.” He added that “most people know” that Asians “are smarter on average than other people in America.”

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