Mort Klein Exposed

For years, through a propaganda campaign whose main intent is to create the image of Mort Klein as a great hero of the Jewish people, Mort Klein has covered-up his ethical flaws as a person, employer, and activist. While claiming to be a champion of the Jewish people, he has defrauded donors by not informing them of ZOA’s loss of its 501c3 status, he has bullied employees when he claims to fight bullying of Jews, and he has consistently prevaricated about the salary he has taken.

He has a loyal cadres of friends who protect him and oil this propaganda machine. ZOA National Vice Chairman Steve Goldberg fell under his charm, which Klein selectively applies to people who will serve to prop him up or donate to the ZOA. But, soon enough, what Steve Goldberg didn’t want to believe, became apparent to him. He saw through the image that Klein has created for himself, especially after his treatment of the failure to disclose the 501c3, his mistreatment of ZOA employees, and the revelation of his exorbitant salary.

The public has been duped long enough, and the Jewish people deserve better. Steve Goldberg seeks to redeem the ZOA brand by installing ethical and professional leadership so that employees and the Jewish people thrive.

End the corruption of Mort Klein